ODK National Day of Service

Canned Food DriveOn April 11th, the National Day of Service, ODK hosted a canned food drive on campus to help out the College Park Food Bank. The Sigma Circle set up collection boxes outside of the Commons Shop on south campus and the 24 Hour shop in the Denton Community which resulted in a very large haul of cans!

Fall 2012 Induction Ceremony

We would like to welcome our new Sigma Circle members! On Sunday, December 2nd, 28 undergraduates, two alumni, and faculty Dr. Joan Burton, Mr. Earl Cabellon, and Dr. Mary Harms were initiated into ODK.

At our Initiation Banquet, our two alumni initiates – Ellie Fields (UM Class of 1949) and Jane McCarl (UM Class of 1952) shared some great stories! The slideshow from our banquet will be available shortly.


Fall 2012 Inductees: Talia Chana Alter, Sasha Rebecca Azar, Vincent Gaspare Bellitti, Joanne M. Bistany, Neva A Bowers, Hayley Harding Brown, Valerie Caplan, Jacqueline Priscilla Crowell, Angelica Ann Eng, Judith Ann Gerstenblith, Allison Yvonne Gibeily, Alice He, Madison Paige Higgins, Navid Massoud Kashani, Jennifer Michele King, Julia Anne Klein, Danna Koren, Sydney Erika Liang, Kieran Cosgrove McGuigan, Todd Patrick O’Brien, Adam Max Offitzer, Christopher Bennett Riley, Esther Louisa Robinson, Jocelyn Sarah Rubin, Jaishri Shankar, Yoon Shin, Joshua Thompson, and Samantha Corinne Zwerling. Alumni: Ellie Fields and Jane McCarl. Faculty: Dr. Joan Burton, Mr. Earl Cabellon, and Dr. Mary Harms.


Congratulations! -Your ODK Officers

Spirit of Maryland Winners

Spirit of Maryland WinnersCongratulations to Sigma Circle President Katy Rennenkampf and Communications Coordinator Daniel Granot for receiving the 2012 Spirit of Maryland Award! The Award is presented annually to a male and female member of the senior class who, through their achievements, have most exemplified the “spirit” of the University of Maryland. Katy and Daniel were recognized at halftime during the university’s Homecoming football game.

Spring 2012 Induction Ceremony

Congratulations to all of our new Sigma Circle members! The induction ceremony and banquet took place this afternoon. We initiated 38 undergraduates, one graduate student, Martha Baer Wilmes (Assistant Director for College Park Scholars), Dr. Andrea Goodwin (Director of the Office of Student Conduct.), and Brian Watkins (Director of Parent and Family Affairs).

To relive the magic of this year’s ceremony you can read Brian Watkins’ keynote speech and look at the slideshow from the banquet.

Spring 2012 Initiation

Spring 2012 Inductees: Sam Allen, Seth Backer, Martha Baer Wilmes , Daniel Borman, Katherine Breen, Stephanie Cantor, Kevin Chodnicki, Steven Cohen, Zachary Cohen, Aaron Czinn, Justine Dombrowski, Akshay Gandhi, Malka Goldberg, Andrea Goodwin, Hagar Hauser, Ryan Heisinger, Erin Hylton, Anna Kowalczyk, Sumanth Kuppalli, Christina Lee, Perri Lieberman, Tiffany Lin, John Macdonald, Alicia Mcdonnell, Tshikuna Muanankese, Prannoy Nambiar, Julia Narrow, Adeola Olowude, Esmaeel Paryavi, Rachana Patel, Steve Petkas, Matthew Popkin, Samantha Pruden, Katherine Rennenkampf, Samantha Roman, Rebecca Rouse, Julia Ruth, Andrew Sabelhaus, Benjamin Shefter, Corie Stretton, Brian Watkins, and Erik Young.

Robbie & Lisa Spirit of Maryland Winners!

Congratulations to Robbie Rosenthal and Lisa Davies for receiving the 2011 Spirit of Maryland Award! The Award is presented annually to a male and female member of the senior class who, through their achievements, have most exemplified the “spirit” of the University of Maryland. Robbie and Lisa were recognized at halftime during yesterday’s Homecoming football game.

Join Us at Maryland Day!

This coming Saturday, April 30, 2011, marks the 13th annual Maryland Day. As always, the University will open its doors and invite everyone to “Explore Our World” with over 400 events. Join ODK for our traditional “Fun at the Fountain” event and fish for plastic turtles floating in the fountain. Maryland Day runs from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM on April 30th, rain or shine. We hope to see you there!

Maryland Day 2011 Logo

Calvert Cotillion this Saturday

Omicron Delta Kappa, the Senior Council, and the Maryland Alumni Association are pleased to bring back a treasured Maryland tradition again this year, the Calvert Cotillion. The Calvert Cotillion is an annual dance that recognizes and celebrates the senior class. Join ODK at this “Red Carpet Affair” to celebrate with friends and fellow classmates.

Calvert Cotillion
Saturday, February 19 @ 8:00 PM
Orem Alumni Hall, Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center
Semi-Formal Attire

You can RSVP and purchase tickets online.