ODK Sigma Circle Elects New Board for 2018-19

Congratulations to our newly elected ODK Executive Board! We’re looking forward to seeing what they bring to ODK Sigma Circle in 2018-19.

Doron Tadmor, President
Jeff O’Neal, Vice President
Maria Viera Cuellar, Communications Chair
Elizabeth Arentz, Philanthropy & Community Service
Kevin Li, Events & Lectures
Katie Bemb, Public Relations
Sarah Joseph, Membership & Induction
Jacqueline Deprey, Digital Communications

Thank you, again, to our outgoing Board for their hard work and commitment to the Sigma Circle:

Uva Dayalan, Sam Koralnik, Samantha Levy, Trey Mason, Uday Misra, David Niezelski, Matthew Swetz, Rick Tagne Teta, Cece Ukejianya, Jacob Veitch, Ivy Xia, Jessica Yau


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