Founders Day

Ninety-six years ago today Omicron Delta Kappa was founded at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia. The 15 founders felt that there was a need to recognize leadership and bring together faculty and students from the various phases of college life in the tradition of the idealism of George Washington and Robert E. Lee. The Sigma Circle of ODK was founded 13 years later by six men who immediately began tapping undergraduate members at the University of Maryland. Since the founding in 1914, ODK has initiated over 300,000 members nationally. Happy Founders Day!

ODK Kicks Off Fall Fest

Starting tomorrow the Sigma Circle will join other honor societies, professional fraternities, and organizations on campus for the start of Fall Fest. This inter-honor society week-long event will be the first of its kind on campus. Other groups taking place are Mortar Board, Delta Epsilon Mu, Alpha Kappa Psi, and Phi Sigma Pi.

Fall Fest 2010 Schedule:

Monday 11/15 – Ice Night! (Ice Cream and Icebreakers)
Wednesday 11/17 – Fall Fest Shirt Day
Thursday 11/18 – Trivia/Game Night
Friday 11/19 – Fall Fest Olympics

Dr. Loh to Become Next University President

Excerpted from an article by Brian Baturin in the Fall 2010 issue of The Leader.

Coming to College Park after spending two years as Provost at the University of Iowa, Dr. Wallace Loh has held many positions within the walls of academia. Loh was the dean of the University of Washington Law School, an administrator at the University of Colorado, Boulder and at Seattle University, and has held professorships at many other institutions. Theses accomplishments are even more impressive when taking into account Dr. Loh’s unique and diverse upbringing.

Born in Shanghai, President-designate Loh immigrated to Peru as a child. As a teenager, Loh traveled to the United States with, as he said at a welcome ceremony in August, his parents’ life savings – $200. Faced with this adversity, Loh graduated from Cornell University and Yale Law School before beginning his career as a professor and administrator.

Chancellor Brit Kirwan has described Loh as “an ideal individual to build upon [Mote’s] legacy.” This legacy was a key component in Loh’s remarks. After describing the University of Maryland as a rocket, he went on to compare Dr. Mote to a rocket booster that “boosted [the rocket] out to the high heavens.” However, Dr. Loh’s real goal during his time as president of this University is to form his own legacy. His remarks included reasons why the University of Maryland is great, but more importantly, how to make it even greater. Loh expressed many goals, among them retaining and recruiting top faculty members and creating new opportunities for students.

Tapping Week

Congratulations to all of those who were tapped for membership to the Sigma Circle this week. You have truly distinguished yourselves as leaders. We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events and the official Initiation Ceremony later this semester.

New ODK Website

With the start of the new school year, we’re launching the new website for the Sigma Circle. Check back often for the latest news and updates. Plus, later this semester, we’ll share an exciting fountain photo project.

Congratulations Spring 2010 Inductees

Undergraduate: Matthew Barnes, Rachel Blair, Cara Blumenthal, Kevin Ford, Rafael Green, Tiffany Harvey, Elise Hawkins, John Junghans, Carolyn Karbel, Chelsea Kerl, Kyle Kneisly, Benjamin Kubic, Christina Lau, Gregory Lessans, Matthew Liebowitz, Alexandra Moe, Pooja Patel, Alison Pickover, Summer Raza, Jeanine Reyes, Joanna Shieh, Kathryn Snedeker, Erin Spiegel, Edward Tao, Allison Temple, Kevin Tervala, Brian Toll, Sherri Weinstein, Joseph Wyrwas, Kate Yanchulis and David Zuckerman

Graduate: Marybeth J. Drechsler

Faculty, Staff and Honorary: Charles A. Caramello, Zimri A. Diaz, Patricia L. Mote and Margaret M. Swallow