Welcome ODK Executive Board 2019-2020!

The end of the academic year brings a lot of activity, including year end celebrations and awards. It’s also a time of transition, as outgoing student leaders make way for a new crop of leaders.

Following ODK Sigma Circle Officers elections, the newly elected board met with outgoing board members for a passing of the torch.

They met on May 8 to discuss their roles on the board and how they could best serve members and alumni of the ODK Sigma Circle in the upcoming academic year. Outgoing board members, along with Circle Coordinator, Brooke Supple, and Faculty Advisor, Dean Chang, were on hand to give them some advice and to wish them well with their new events and initiatives.

Congratulations and welcome to the incoming board members: Dan Alpert, Maria Cortes, Jacq Deprey, Alex Kahn, Julia Novick, David Polefrone, David Rekhtman, Christine Rhee, Doron Tadmor

And, of course, thank you to our outgoing board members for all of your hard work this past year: Elizabeth Arentz, Katie Bemb, Alix Gilbert, Sarah Joseph, Kevin Li, Jeff O’Neal, Ari Riske, and Maria Viera Cuellar.

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