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Col. J. Logan Schutz ODK Leader of the Year


Photo of Lei Danielle Escobal at the ODK Fountain


Lei Danielle Escobal is a second generation Filipina American born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. She is a graduating senior at the University of Maryland earning her bachelor’s degree in American Studies and Sociology and a minor in Asian American Studies with administrative and creative leadership in various APIDA spaces.

In 2022-2023, ODK National changed the award process to allow for additional members to apply for pillar and national leader of the year awards, changing the previous requirement that only the Circle Leader of the Year was eligible to apply Nationally. 

Omicron Delta Kappa Leaders of the Year

Col. J. Logan Schutz ODK Leaders of the Year

1976-77 Fred Vogelgesang
1977-78 Clayton Powell
1978-79 John Fraser
1978-79 Larry Kirsch
1979-80 Jo Lynn Littman
1980-81 Marty Rosenstock
1981-82 Nancy Pearl
1982-83 Wendy Gelfand
1983-84 Matthew V. Zanger
1984-85 Michele Barone
1985-86 Devon McGraw
1986-87 Calvin Ellis
1987-88 Steven Vinick
1988-89 Shauna Paylor
1989-90 Bradley J. Federman *
1990-91 Michael D. Smith
1991-92 Dawn Nichols
1992-93 Marc Greenberg * & Sheryl-Lynn Caroff
1993-94 Marc W. Solomon **
1994-95 Paul Mandell
1995-96 Kelvin Reaves
1996-97 Hillary Cherry **
1997-98 Faiz Ahmad
1998-99 Paul A. Solomon
1999-2000 Larry A. Long
2000-01 Jason Ward *
2001-02 Peggy Wood
2002-03 Adam Chepenik **
2003-04 Christine Hwang *
2004-05 Christina Pernia
2005-06 Joe Williams
2006-07 Tim Lee *
2007-08 Shannon Auxier
2008-09 Raakee Sharma
2009-10 Joanna Calabrese **
2010-11 David Nelson
2011-12 Odunola Ojewumi
2012-13 Anna Roth
2013-14 Christopher Riley *
2014-15 Cara Hamel
2015-16 Kayla Coutts
2016-17 Samantha Bingaman *
2017-18 Jacob Veitch
2018-19 Rick Mikulis
2019-20 Christine Rhee *
2020-21 Emily Berry **
2021-22 M Pease **
2022-23 Amy Rivera
2023-24 Lei Danielle Escobal

* Also selected as Province/Region/Pillar Leader
** Also selected as ODK National Leader

ODK Gen. Russell E. Dougherty National Leader of the Year

Each year, Omicron Delta Kappa recognizes its most outstanding student leaders with the Gen. Russell E. Dougherty National Leader of the Year honors. This program is named in memory of Gen. Russell E. Dougherty (University of Louisville, 1947). Gen. Dougherty was a one-time staff member with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He also served in the U.S. Air Force as commander in chief of the Strategic Air Command and director of strategic target planning.

The Society also recognizes a student in each of the five pillars of campus life celebrated by O∆K: academics and research, athletics, service to campus and community, communications, and creative and performing arts.

2022-23 Tesia Shi **
2022-23 Matthew Ober *

* Selected as Pillar Leader
** Selected as ODK National Leader

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