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Black and white photo of the ODK fountain

2024-2025 ODK Executive Board

Portrait of Kaitlyn Zhou

Kaitlyn Zhou

Portrait of Jahnavi Kirkire

Jahnavi Kirkire

Vice President
Portrait of Abby Manga

Abby Manga

Alumni & Member Engagement Chair
Portrait of Isabella Socha Soares

Isabella Socha Soares

Philanthropy & Community Service Chair
Portrait of Helen Wang

Helen Wang

Events & Lectures Chair
Portrait of Alyssa Orlando

Alyssa Orlando

Membership & Induction Chair
Portrait of Shivani Sidh

Shivani Sidh

Recruitment & Community Outreach Chair
Portrait of Ela Jalil

Ela Jalil

Public Relations Chair
Portrait of Matthew Adjodha

Matthew Adjodha

Digital Communications Chair
Portrait of Sophia Winner

Sophia Winner

Portrait of Sarah Williamson

Sarah Williamson

Circle Coordinator
Portrait of James McShay, Ph.D.

James McShay, Ph.D.

Circle Coordinator
ODK Executive Board members dressed in black robes holding the ODK Key
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